Hey friends!

It's Friday again which means a new mix. This week I've curated a show that will take you from sassiness to spaciness. Whatever that means... Probably one of my favourites so far, deep beats mixed with jazzy rhythms. As always, enjoy // Jo xx

Quotes to be heard in this mix:
- "Shante! Shante!"

- "So you know... if there's anyone sort of them freaky lookin' mother****s out there that think that they can give it to me, honey... let me hear it! "

- "And the next thing I know... I was walking on clouds... Beautiful clouds.."

Nu Era - Octahedron
Javonette - Detroit 9
Jovan Blade - Shante (TP Bonus Mix)
T.P.M. - C Lime Woman
Poizonbox - African Drum
Dope Freq’N’C - Kickin Da Funk
Marshal Jefferson - Mushrooms (Frits Wentink Remix)
Franco Cinelli - Lunar Community
Loopity Goofs - Misinformation
The Stickmen - Guacabourdes
O’Flynn - Pluto’s Beating Heart





22nd Aug - London Bridge City Pier, London 

24th Aug - Dalston Superstore, London